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Pavel's poems inspired by Goya's etchings are at, and a selection of his photos can be seen at Catholic Images by Pavel Chichikov.

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Photo by Pavel Chichikov





Dusk and all the valleys sleep

Across the west a streak of red,

Amalgam of the earth and sun

Which through the atmosphere has bled


And now the creatures of the day

The singing bird, the doe, the stag

Have rest and quiet for the night,

The summer stars hang out their flag


Their country is the summer night

That moth and bat and nightjar see,

And soon the marching of their might

The soldiers of eternity


For this is war although no sound

Can penetrate to reach us here,

The dying of the men of time

Until the sons of God appear






We hear the dead bell ringing overhead

On this clear morning summoning the dead,

Late summer and the clouds in white procession,

Their shining sides reflect an intercession


That in and out of time there comes a peace,

A lawfulness of beauty does not cease,

That she they send away by Roman rite

Arrives within the realm of God by night


Then may the Lord receive me in this way

In high procession like the clouds today,

For we are also vapor made to form

A sky of shining light or summer storm






Leonaert Bramer (1596–1674), “The Temptations of Christ”

Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt

Courtesy Back to Classics





The Devil in the desert tempted Christ

With tawdry gifts of power, tempted thrice,

Jesus, Lord of all the worlds and man

Said, I will not seize them though I can


He studied Satan, curious to see

Such confidence and base vulgarity,

But I’m like those I tempt, said Lucifer,

They trust the one who seems familiar


Although I am to You the prince of evil

The fiend of hell and sorrow and the Devil

They see me as a customary man

And so I seize their spirits for I can






It will exact endurance of a special kind

For as the emptiness and desolation spread

They will in every hungry soul seep through


So that the inner spirit wastes away

Becomes a wilderness of emptiness

That nothing fills and where it never rains


And He too traveled through this arid waste—

Although at last the angels gave Him food

At first a demon offered meals of stone





Guiseppe Cresci (1665–1747), “Confession”

Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden

Courtesy Web Gallery of Art and Wikimedia Commons





I have confessed before a priest

In that accustomed private booth

Where self-deceptive lies have ceased,

Where is no word but simple truth


But then how will confession be

Before the highest priest of all

When life and death have set me free

In that last great confessional?


No need for secrecy to bare

With all there is already known,

The spirits and the angels hear,

With Mercy seated on His throne


And then the story will unfold

As one related to a friend,

A narrative by love re-told

By One whose love can never end





Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia); photo by Kate

Courtesy photographer at Life in Pieces





Night, the cricket and cicada choir,

Dusk is flowing into sweet late summer

Veiled the sumac and Virginia creeper


Which by daylight fail into a crimson

More beautiful in their degeneration,

Oppose the green in generous contention


Day by day the sun declines and less

The noon parabola, the days regress

Clear and bright the sky in loveliness


This enough, to see it and no more

To know what final flourishing is for

The secrets that we keep in trust restore







Photo by Pavel Chichikov





Red tomatoes fronting on a screen

That which is elapsing is unseen,

Light embracing roundness and the skin

Flows around the wires and comes in


The flowing is illusion quantified

Death is dead and dying is denied,

Finer and much finer is the frame

Infinity and seconds are the same




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