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Ring-Billed Gull (Larus delawarensis); photo by David Wong

Courtesy photographer and Flickr





I will give you consciousness, self-knowledge

And a sense of grief

But I will grant a promise and relief


Vanished, those you love, as if they’d never

Been alive at all

A hollow darkness kept behind a wall


Today we saw a gray and slim seabird

Far away from sea

Here among the land-bound Alleghenies


All who live on land yearn for the sea

If they have seen it once

Evolving waves of limitless abundance


Sometimes from the sea a visitor

On thin strong wings

To bring a scent of salt and boundlessness





Scouts surveying the unknown

Saints and holy ones and prophets,

These explore the outer zone

Beyond the planets and the comets


Farther than the oldest stars

Galaxies and fields of dust,

Beyond where swarms of angels are,

The purgatory of the just


To where in loving perigee

The blessed souls in orbit stay,

Wherever light from light may be

The mystics travel, there are they


But for a moment, then they fall

From that alluring lost frontier

Which falsely the unknowing call

Impossible, though it is near





She happened in the cool bright night

The spirit of content,

Now rest, she said, as sleepers might

To whom my gift is sent


That all is well and as it goes

Have nothing to regret,

Lie sweetly in your long repose

Though waking you forget


And when the constellations fell

Beneath the western hill,

The rising sun approached, repelled

The darkness and the chill


But there was cold and cryptic fear

That I could not explain,

O Christ your Wisdom hover near

When I awake again





Why does he take his firearm to church,

A gun that’s light and small enough to pocket,

Concealed from whom, the angels?


He takes it everywhere, but why to God?

Crucified, the risen Lord invincible

Looks down and weighs his soul


For when they took Me to the Cross, He says

I did not bruise a reed, snuff out a wick

Isaiah tells the generations


Fearful ones, you make the world afraid—

Afraid of you, your enemies destroy you,

Shadows come around you and you shoot them


Beneath the Cross I see the weapons offered

High explosives, poison gas and fire

A thousand cities burning in the sanctuary


The blood of Christ drips down and steams like incense

The cries of burning children rise to Him—

Their parents cannot save them


This too is the present world’s oblation

An offering as if the flesh of beasts

A bitter ceremonial





His head was changed to a conical stub

A small eraser mixed with clay,

The body resembled you and me

But the noddle wiped the walls away


On it scratched a sort of face

But as it rubbed it disappeared

Until there was nothing left of him,

Death was not what he had feared


The wall removed him from the room

Or you might say he was sucked through

The space he made by not receiving

The love of God that is proved true


For some there may be hell or not

Of that we living may not know,

But also winds of nothingness

That through the space of nothing blow






Red Fox in Snow

Courtesy HD Wallpapers Inn




She hates to see the possums

Gambol in Fox Hollow,

But foxes are the demon

Creatures of the shadows


One is a marsupial

Pocketed and fey,

The fox an elemental

More sinister than they


Heavy dusk at twilight

Dawn before sun,

Most of all at midnight

The fox and vixen run


But once in a midwinter

In daylight through the snow

I saw a vixen canter

To startle mice below





Duccio di Buoninsegna (1260–1318), “Appearance of Jesus While the Apostles Are at Table”

Museo dell'Opera del Duomo di Siena

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons





Yes, my friend, it is a shame, it’s true you did deny Me

Here’s a place beside my knee, come near Me then, sit by Me

Fears that have been never felt need never be lived over

But my desire to forgive’s an infinite desire

Betraying Me I heard you weep in bitter consternation

So terrible it was to feel your own soul’s mutilation

Now I come to meet you here and share a different supper

It will not be of flesh and blood, but fish and bread, my brother

Here’s the salt to season it, I’ve taken out the bone

Fish is fish and bread is bread, but something of my own

The bones I take unbroken, the bread is from the ground

Devour my creation but it rises soon again

Never was an ugliness or death I would not heal

Come disciples eat with Me, and I will be your meal




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