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 Sacred Heart of Jesus icon

Courtesy Pro Ecclesia





Toward the Savior’s Sacred Heart

Many crippled make their way

All who wish to be there may


Dawn within the chamber spreads

In His light the blind can see

Love’s delight and majesty


Know how many gather there

Look around them, recognize

The beauty of the meek and wise


In the crossings of that Heart

Vaults and columns rise above

Assemblies of eternal love


Harmonious the blessed preach

Speechless ones can find their speech

Sing their blessing each to each


All are welcome to remain

But if there be a few who leave

Because for lack of love they grieve


And from His charity they flee

The mighty doors remain apart

In welcome to the Sacred Heart





The Heavenly Jerusalem," fresco, c. 1580,  Solvychegodsk, Archangelsk Oblast, Russia

Courtesy Pravoslavieto




Seated at the banquet of the spirits

Some are not surprised by where they are

Who feast on truth and happiness forever

Who feast with deep and pleasurable hunger

Appeased though ever whetted by their joy


But some who were the dull and bitter ones

Will be surprised at where and how they are

Look around them as they gaze at music

Listen to the colors of the banquet

Taste its welcome as it were a nectar


For they had been restrained and put in prison

By one who must despise his limitation

That powerful in evil he may be

He cannot make a single joy or welcome

Create a life or else take pleasure in it


But those who come to heaven will awaken

As if from some profound and healing sleep

And they will gaze in joy at those around them

Refreshed beside the waters of the boundless

Beneath the groves of glory and of peace






Odilon Redon (1840–1916), “Jacob Wrestling with the Angel”

Courtesy WikiArt




If once you contemplate the dawn

And see the clouds configured there,

Amber, rose and wisps of wool,

The gray of dawn’s nocturnal vair


Remember that when Jacob dreamed

Of angels’ rising and descent,

The sky was just as this, the light

Fell shining from the firmament


And when the Nameless wrestled him

Scorpions had stirred their stings,

Desert birds inside in their nests

Stretched and warmed their stiffened wings


All was as it is today

The color and the sense the same,

Except for something marvelous

That wrestled him but had no name






Underground fire near Jharia, India; photo by Johnny Haglund

Courtesy Wired





If once a seam of coal is set on fire,

It burns and burns until by time extinguished,

A seam of coal may burn a thousand years

Though shafts above abandoned mines may vanish


Burns and burns through winter and through summer

Vapor floating skyward to the surface,

Radiant enough to melt the snow

Smoldering as if it were a furnace


But we have set the nucleus alight

Confined it to a pit of heavy metal,

Silently it burns beneath the world

And who can put it out besides the Devil?


Let them know that underneath the skin

Of common earth a fire burns within





George Tooker (1920–2011), “Standing Figures”

Courtesy Ehdu





There is a corner round which we

Will not proceed because we see

Around it, somehow, corner-wise

The dread familiar one denies


But if I take myself in hand

To lead my soul to understand

What mind enclosed will not concede,

Then round that corner it will lead


Then if but once my soul has peered

Despite the corner it has feared

Into another crossing street

Another mind and soul to meet


Who was mere steps behind my fear,

The corner hiding what was near,

I will observe a soul and mind

Which by its terror was confined





Elayne Sears, “Garden with Cold Frames”

Courtesy Mother Earth News





Under cold frames in the garden

Beets and spinach take advantage,

Plant your lettuce, choy and kale

Under glass, they’ll never fail


For this may be a winter-spring

In which by April few birds sing,

In May and June if frost be hoar

By summer solstice look for war


Watch for little spades of chard

That seek the sunlight in the yard,

Wait with me to know the truth

When sprouts and collards show the tooth


But let the sun of peace shine out

There will be sunshine, never drought,

And grapes around the arbor grow

For altar wine before the snow






Melt snow, melt heart, melt flesh itself

We are the frozen ones,

Spirits of the Lord are swift

More bright than many suns


Then how can we become as they

If like a pinch of dust

Unburnable we blow away

Before a light can touch?


This is how it is devised:

God keeps us in His hand,

More sympathetic and more wise

Than we can understand


He says: You are My firefly

And when I let you go

You will be brilliant as am I

But with a lesser glow



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