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Monastery gate, Czech Republic

Courtesy Pinterest





He said: the door is open,

I thought I saw it there,

A portal into heaven

Opened in the air


A doorway or a window,

Beyond it I could see

Four rivers and a garden,

A splendid fruiting tree


The sunlight on the rivers

Was like an aureole

That sanctifies and covers

The blessing of the soul


Jacob dreams a ladder

Between the earth and sky,

But he can climb it never

Heaven is too high


Paradise descended

Where angels rose and fell,

Heaven condescended

His destiny to tell


But now the portal closes

And seldom opens wide

As Paradise disposes

Against the dream of pride





Henri Lindegaard (1925–96), “The Finger Raised”

Courtesy Dwelling in the Word




They listened and believed him,

The marvel of it all,

For many hear but do not heed

A prophesied downfall


Others do not even hear

The noises in the street,

They flourish in a deafness till

A downfall is complete


Anyone is justified

To say this is a tale

About the inescapable,

Folk wisdom and a whale


Others might identify

A sort of bleak acumen,

Oftener than oftener

The city comes to ruin


Nineveh attended once

But ultimately fell,

We are the inheritors

Succumbing to a spell


Jonah has posterity

Prefiguring no lie,

But all the fattened citizens

Deny, deny, deny





Adolf Schreyer (1828–99), “Wallachian Blizzard”

Courtesy Live Internet





Hills disperse beneath a haze of snow

Above the ridge comes summer’s overthrow,

Now the conquest, victory of winter

Means there will be bitter wind forever


Overthrow, the north assembles all

Its energy and smothering snow fall,

Brings enough to finish the defeat,

The immobility of cold and sleet


If it lasts till summer hearts will fail

Beneath a fall of everlasting hail,

Rain is what we need, and summer sun

If it lasts the rule of snow will spread

A monarchy, the kingdom of the dead






Albert Edelfelt (1854–1905), “Christ and Mary Magdalene, a Finnish Legend”

Ateneum, Helsinki

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons





By the end of a bitter winter

The frost goes down a meter,

Admit the soul is ground

How far can frost go down?


Can the life be lost,

Repel a killing frost?

Take love away, such chill

Can grip the soul and kill


If deeper, deeper goes

The clutching of the snows

The life of us will stop

And never make a crop


Never hope to raise

The flower of God’s praise;

Then what can bring a thaw?

The One who Mary saw


In the garden green at dawn

Across the earth was drawn

A rod of living light

And then He stood upright






Snowflake refracting light

Courtesy I Think Therefore I Science





Simple is the white of snow

Containing every color

But if I look for elements

Simplicity won’t measure


A prism held against the light

Will separate the tones

From violet to green to red

That seemed as white alone


Are the colors made of white

Or white of all the hues?

I unify or separate

Exactly as I choose


If I search for signs of God

I split or unify,

So I may confirm His grace

Or if I wish deny


He is in the unity

And also in schism,

Harmony the life of God

And wonder is the prism







In one the past has evidently passed

Over with, confirmed and not compounded,

Being now is not to be misused,

Nothing in the present is confounded


But in the other way comes the eternal,

That which happened happens never when

But all is purpose, union in repose,

There is no present, future or a then


Now late winter streaming through the window

Lights the desert plants a glowing green

That I have placed before me at my elbow

Who is it who looks and who has seen?


Time is of the creature and the eye

That sees itself and catechizes why?






Julius Sergius von Kleber (1860–1924), “Jesus Walking on the Water”





If love can bring the dead to life

Then love will be much more

Than looking over darkling seas

To see another shore


It will be like the Christ who walked

A lake in stormy weather,

And that was death He walked across

So death is not forever


Christ is love who walks across

The storm of death untouched,

The violence that pulls us down

Infirmity’s dry clutch


And this is how He signed to us

He is the Master of

The tempest of mortality

By reason of His love



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