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Ambrogio de Stefano Borgognone (c. 1470s–1523/1524), “The Risen Christ” (detail)

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Courtesy Bible Paintings: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ


Hear Pavel read “The Body Glorified"    





The body glorified is this:

The life within the love of Jesus

Glorified it lives forever

Light from light and love from love


Studies not its own reflection

Knows no fear or tribulation

Praises in the Holy Spirit,

World forever, say amen


This was Christ in resurrection

Appearing in the upper room:

He stood before them, glorified

Breathed His joy, amen, amen







Carry eternity with you

Weightless and easy to bear,

The shape conforms to the body,

Clothing convenient to wear


All the rest of creation

Falls into place as a bright

Glorious tender reflection

Of images held to the light


Weightless it is, but so easy

To let have it slip off in the gale

Of time moving by in a moment,

A daydream composed of detail


All has been gathered together

Near as the mind to the soul,

Easy to lift as a feather,

Hard as the sun to control


Not to be burned if you touch it,

A flame to illumine the world,

Great as infinity’s measure

In the space of a moment is curled


Waits to be found if you love it,

Revealed to the helpless and bold,

Those who demand of it nothing

Will have it before they grow old







Albin Egger-Lienz (1868–1926), “The Cross”

Museum Schloss Bruck, Lienz

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons





On a windy hill

It was in early May,

Christ the Lord was killed

A felon on display


As if He were a specimen,

A beetle in a box,

Or crucified as vermin,

A badger or a fox


Example to be made

With money on His head,

An outlaw and a renegade

Hounded until dead


No different from the others

Who hung on either side,

You would have thought His brothers

In theft and homicide


His mystery a promise,

Deeds that were a sign,

Cured the deaf and speechless

Changed water into wine


But who would ever know

The difference in Christ?

The wind began to blow

The soldiers cast the dice








Two starlings pulling at a blade

Of April grass the rain had made,

One, the stronger, pulled its best

At what it needed for its nest


Tore the other end away,

Made for home without delay,

There it filled a cushion for

Three starling eggs and maybe more


Two countries pulled a borderline,

“It’s mine”, said one, the other “mine,”

Neither one of them let go

And so their armies came to blows


Right and left and left and right

They killed and crushed with all their might,

The stronger took what it loved best

That wasn’t needed for its nest








Hepatica (Anemone Americana); photo © G.  D. Babeau

Courtesy Friends of the Wild Flower Garden,  Minneapolis, MN






Hepatica, a fallen star

The smallest ant would seek the shade

Beneath the sky-blue petals


No leaves as yet to block the sun

Naked to the open sky

The creatures of the April woods


A disk of gold above the stem

Surrounded by a milk-white fringe

Bend close or you will miss it


No more than this, a blue-white disc

A flower of the trail of time

The moon within its shadow


And yet somehow a light came down

And though it was the light of day

It sheltered in a virgin’s womb








Johnny Jump-up one of these:

Love in Idleness, Heart’s Ease

Springs surprising from the grasses,

Violet not one surpasses


Smaller than a rabbit’s eye

Blue and yellow, white am I,

Rains of April chill and pour,

I show off my tricolor


If some others should rise up

Ever you had thought corrupt,

Then recall the sign you see:

Johnny Jump-up, you and me









Mourning Doves (Zenaida macroura)

© Friends of the Wild Flower Garden,  Minneapolis, MN





Doves in April nestled

Underneath our window,

Bathed in morning sunlight -

A chestnut spread its shadow


Once the splendid angel

Descending to the Virgin

Rested for a while

In sunlight as in heaven


Then another shadow

Spread as it ascended,

The angel left this world

By angels undefended


Here is God Himself

Become a helpless one,

A garden in the sunlight

That maiden and her son





Sandro Botticelli (1444/45–1510), “The Virgin Adoring the Sleeping Christ Child”

 National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh

Courtesy Art History




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