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Vincent Van Gogh (1853–90), “Sunflowers” (detail)

Neue Pinakothek, Munich

Courtesy Through an Artist’s Eyes





It bows to the ground so no one can strip it

A face to the sky has turned to the earth

All flowers adore the sun


Uncountable flowers stand in a field

Turn to the sun as it moves around them

Bend in an arc to follow the light


Each one holds in its flowering face

A myriad seeds be shed and scattered

Like worlds to be sown in the fruitful void


No one can tell you more than this

About the infinite fields of heaven

Where flowers of glory follow the sun




Cain and Abel, Monreale Cathedral, Sicily

Courtesy 30 Days



Hear Pavel read  "An Ancient Residence."




They say invasion has begun

I tell you it has never ended,

Face the barrel of a gun

And see the house of death defended


It is an ancient residence

No one knows who first lived in it,

Cain is quick to take offense

But slow to find the single exit


Soon there will be no one left

To live outside the brawling rooms,

The tenants steal proclaiming theft

Or in the cellar dig their tombs








Courtesy Sopitas





Strike the tent, said Robert Lee

Move on from here he said,

We must go with them, faithful heart,

The army of the dead


Though he was not commander

Who was another one

It was not countermanded

But what he said was done


It is a long and silent file

The passes on parade,

It marches for another while

But do not be afraid


Death will be defeated

The army have its rest,

The battle lasts a single day

From sunrise to the west








When you have begun to see

The contours of your life

What does it resemble?


I see a canvas water bag

Oblong, gray and heavyweight

Filled for desert travel


Share it with the desert King

One drinks and then the other drinks

Until it is concave


Who will be the last to drink?

How much can be left inside

How much can be saved?


Share it with him, drink it all

Since that which is not finished now

Will by dark be spilled


It will be in some far off place

Where at last the desert ends

When it will be filled






Fawn in cemetery; photo by Christopher Bailey

Courtesy Father Pitt





Although the doe with growing speckled fawns

Forages unwatchful on this cemetery hill,

Battles everlasting in the world go on

Grotesque shadows slide across these burials


Across the curved horizons far away from here

Unknown to us, by us unwatched;

Soldiers who are buried here fought long ago

But from their flesh the eggs of war are hatched


War forever fertile and she pumps her eggs

Deep within the flesh of everyone who lives,

She stings the generations, plants her ovipositor

Ever fecund in the death she gives


So that however quiet this green place may be

Even here forewarning dies and ends,

Above the world the glowing of immortal dusk

And into blood the gentle sunlight bends






Hans Holbein the Elder (1460/65–1524), “The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple”

Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Courtesy Encylopedia Brittanica Kids





What sacrifice to offer to I AM?

Let it be the spotless new-born lamb:

As when the Christ was offered at His birth,

Eternity, the price a moment’s worth,

Offer up no vanity, no pride,

Let nothing be reserved from Him inside,

Offer everything and leave the rest

And that will be sufficient to be blessed





(August 22 is the Feast of the Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth.)





Steven Lochner (c, 1499/10–51), “Madonna of the Rose Bower”

Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne

Courtesy Yorck Project and Wikimedia Commons





Lovely Mary, Mary kind and sweet,

Merciful, a crescent at your feet,

Mary-heart delighted with your Son,

Queen of heaven endless and begun


Mary patient, diligent and mild,

Mother-love united with your Child,

Wear the crown of all felicity,

Gladness of the Holy Trinity


Crown of chastity and temperance,

Crown of clemency and continence,

Crown of light and everlasting day,

Kingdom crown which nothing can delay


Crown of stars whose shinings never cease,

Crown of love and never-ending peace,

Crown of innocence and joyfulness,

Mary crown of heaven, heaven-blessed



—From Mysteries and Stations in the Manner of Ignatius (Kaufmann Publishing, 2005)





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