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Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov (1862–1942), “Evening Solitude on the Volga”

Courtesy Pinterest





What sense to summon up the dead

To hold them fast in memory

Though fragile seems the mortal thread


Stretched and strung across a river

Time in flood beneath a height

But will we ever see them, never?


At Consecration then I say

Dear beloved pray with me

Although the well-stretched cord may fray


Behold the light we both can see

The line remains though long it spans   

Adore the Christ and pray with me






Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617–82), “Jesus Healing the Paralytic at the Pool of Bethesda"

National Gallery, London

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons





The One they crucified

A lyrical young rebel

Poetical and gentle


Who saved the mad and blind

Death’s emptiness His slave

Conquered from the grave


Who was not vague and mild

But cured the mute and lame

Therefore they make Him tame


Uncanny was His strength

Master of the dead

Whom unbelievers dread


Unbearable and strange

The power they deny

That rose and cannot die






Male Northern Cardinal

Courtesy Bird Feeders Spot





Rain on the roof and in the green

A coat of scarlet I have seen

Black face mask and crested hat

No other plumage looks like that


Suggests that surely God desires

Beautiful and cold red fires

That everything He makes will be

Composed improbability


Now I hear my neighbor shout

Ungainly fat and coarse crude lout

Shirtless-stomached strides to town

Unbeautiful, a sun-pink clown


Is this the species God loves best?

But what about the lovely rest?

It has no wings, it has no couth

This lumpish, largely useless youth


God must know what He’s about

To save this fat ungainly lout

And what about a one like me

Who in the mirror I must see?






Stevegoad, “That’ll Do Pig”

Courtesy artist and Deviant Art




Gene splicing explained to a man of importance

Was only a dream but the words were imperative—

Dominance over the human genome

Would make us creators of bodies and minds


“Creators” repeated the man of importance

And as he pronounced the word “creators”

His face became that of a pig, a swine   

Though his body remained a human body


“You will become your own creator

God an enfeebled gratuitous being,

Come to the realm of the cosmic gods”

Said the man of weight with the head of a pig


“I have created you,” said the swine,

As you will create your fellow humans—

Feed them to me when you come to my altar

For I do delight in human flesh”







Photo by Pavel Chichikov





Time a country I inhabit

Memories of days compressed

But to the past these things regress


To reach the origin and goal

When all began from what was one

Radiance, a single sun


When I look above the hills

To see the dying sunlight, then

By flush and rose I wonder when


The flow entire must return

To where it started, to a dot

Of what there is and what is not


I see the bats come out at dusk

In fluttering erratic flight

They do not fear the fall of night


But catch their supper as their prey

Full blessed for whom it is today






Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret (1852–1929), “The Last Supper”

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons



DAVID BOHM (1917–92)


A pilot wave enfolding what exists

All thought, the physical, the histories

Of all that was and is and is to be

Implied by all we see as separate entities


Finding at the consecration

All things within, without are joined as symphonies

The music of an order still enfolded

The sound of all-embracing harmonies


Wait then, for the Kingdom is within us

Flesh and supplication, thought and comprehension

Passage, rest, happiness and light

True destiny and charity’s completion


Self-giving love is given to myself

A consecrated heart which is revealed






Isaak Levitan (1860–1900), “By the Church Wall”

Courtesy Pauca Verba



A version of a Russian song


Not for me will there be spring,

Not for me Don’s current rushing,

Young girls’ hearts unhindered sing

Love’s ecstasy—but not for me


Not for me will gardens grow

Nor will the valley’s blossoms show,

Nor songbird greet the winds that blow,

It will sing—but not for me


Not for me the humming torrents

Flowing diamonds of the currents,

There the maiden spreads her ringlets,

Rises up—but not for me


Not for me the Easter seat

Where at the table dear ones meet,

Christ is Risen!—voices greet

The joyful day—but not for me


Not for me will flowers bloom,

The rose unfold her fragrant bosom,

To pluck a flower you may come—

It will be spring—but not for me


But now for me the bullet’s wail

That makes the tender flesh turn pale,

The bitter tears, the warmth that fails,

O brother dear—they wait for me


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